Friday, 4 December 2015

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour Review

Definitely 5 Stars!!

I Know What I Want To Do... I Want To Go On An Epic Detour... My Destinations Aren't Clear But I Have A Pretty Good Idea Of The Places I Want To See.

Wow, I Have A Hug Crush On This Book. It Was Great And I Loved Every Bit Of Detail Found Between Pages 1 - 343. Everything That Morgan Matson Included In This Story Was Brilliant. The Playlists Not Only Have Some Great Songs On Them, But They Will Definitely Blow My iTunes Budget Out Of The Water For The Next Few Months. I Plan On Owning Just About All Off Roger's Songs. The Menu And Food Receipts Were Clever Additions... Whenever I See Cream Soda And Root Beer, I'll Remember Roger And Amy. The Big Bear Itinerary Made Me Want To Go On A Hike, And I Don't Even Mountain Hike, But I Want To Do That Now. The Scrapbook Pages Were Priceless, And Overall Amy & Roger's Epic Detour Was Absolute Perfection!

This Story Has One Of The Best Set Of Secondary Characters I Have Ever Read. They Made Roger And Amy's Detour Inspiring, Exciting And Enjoyable. Bronwyn And Her Gift To Amy Was Endearing. I Loved How She Took Away Amy's Camouflage And Gave Her Back A Bit Of Confidence. So Pretty Much I Loved This Book. Can You Tell??? I Loved It To Pieces! I Suggest You Stop What You Are Doing Now And Read This Book. It's The Best Fictional Journey I've Been On In A Long Time... So Go On... Go On A Detour, You Won't Regret It! :)

Can't Wait To Read The Rest Of Morgan Matson's Book, Second Chance Summer And Since You've Been Gone. Can't Wait To Read More Of What She Has To Offer. I'm A Instant Fan And Can't Wait To Start Reading More Of Her Brilliance!

- Trixellie. x