Thursday, 27 August 2015

Best Friends.

Hey Guys, Today I Wanted To Talk About Best Friends And How Much They Might Mean To You. I Really Miss My Best Friends, We Haven't Really Spoke In A While And I Just Them Both To Know This...

We Have Been Friends For Nearly 5 Years. I Just Want You To Know How Important You Are To Me. I Know I Haven't Said That Before, I Thought I Would Make My Point Clear. I Can't Stress It Enough That You Really Are My Best Friends. You Both Have A Heart Of Gold And A Personality That Should Be Cherished. You Have Such An Amazing Effect On Me And My Life Daily. You Make Me Laugh When All I Want To Do Is Cry. You, Are My Best Friend. You're Like My Brother In A Way. I Have Lost Friends Before But I Hope That You Aren't Going To Be One Of Them.

I'm Glad We've Finally Figured Out Because I Don't Think I Could Make It Through The Rest Of Secondary School Without You. Best Of Luck In All That You Do, And Remember That I Am Always Here For You No Matter What.

- Trixellie. x

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tanya Burr's Book - Love Tanya

I Don't Usually Go For Autobiography Type Books However, I Am A Big Fan Of YouTubers. It Was Written Marvellously And I Felt Like I Was Really Connecting With Tanya In A Way. She Is One Of The Most Positive People I Have Ever Watched And Read About And That Was Portrayed Really Well In This Book. My Favourite Chapters Were Baking & Recipes, Skin Care Essentials & YouTube. This Book Has Helped Me, Gave Me Tips And I Must Say... I Shed A Tear! And Nothing Sad Was Even Mentioned. While I Was Reading This Book, I Couldn't Stop Reading It. I Literally Had To Restrain Myself From Reading It, I Didn't Want The Book To End. I Recommend This Book To People Who Are Fans Of Tanya, This Book Goes In Depth Of  Tanya's Life Before And After YouTube. I Really Take Care Of My Books, So I Don't Really Want To Write In It. So I Thought That I Would Answer The Questions And/Or Write The Lists As Blog Posts Instead.

Hope You Enjoyed This Blog Post And I Also Hope To Be Blogging More In The Summer Holidays. I Might Be Going To Rhodes, Greece In The Week We Have Off School In October.

- Trixellie. x