Friday, 4 December 2015

Amy & Roger's Epic Detour Review

Definitely 5 Stars!!

I Know What I Want To Do... I Want To Go On An Epic Detour... My Destinations Aren't Clear But I Have A Pretty Good Idea Of The Places I Want To See.

Wow, I Have A Hug Crush On This Book. It Was Great And I Loved Every Bit Of Detail Found Between Pages 1 - 343. Everything That Morgan Matson Included In This Story Was Brilliant. The Playlists Not Only Have Some Great Songs On Them, But They Will Definitely Blow My iTunes Budget Out Of The Water For The Next Few Months. I Plan On Owning Just About All Off Roger's Songs. The Menu And Food Receipts Were Clever Additions... Whenever I See Cream Soda And Root Beer, I'll Remember Roger And Amy. The Big Bear Itinerary Made Me Want To Go On A Hike, And I Don't Even Mountain Hike, But I Want To Do That Now. The Scrapbook Pages Were Priceless, And Overall Amy & Roger's Epic Detour Was Absolute Perfection!

This Story Has One Of The Best Set Of Secondary Characters I Have Ever Read. They Made Roger And Amy's Detour Inspiring, Exciting And Enjoyable. Bronwyn And Her Gift To Amy Was Endearing. I Loved How She Took Away Amy's Camouflage And Gave Her Back A Bit Of Confidence. So Pretty Much I Loved This Book. Can You Tell??? I Loved It To Pieces! I Suggest You Stop What You Are Doing Now And Read This Book. It's The Best Fictional Journey I've Been On In A Long Time... So Go On... Go On A Detour, You Won't Regret It! :)

Can't Wait To Read The Rest Of Morgan Matson's Book, Second Chance Summer And Since You've Been Gone. Can't Wait To Read More Of What She Has To Offer. I'm A Instant Fan And Can't Wait To Start Reading More Of Her Brilliance!

- Trixellie. x

Monday, 14 September 2015

Illusion Cover Reveal

Hey Guys, It's Cover Reveal Day For Illusion By Lea Nolan. The Genre Is Young Adult Paranormal And It Will Be Released On The 5th Of October. This Is The Third Book In The Hoodoo Trilogy, And I Am So Excited Because All Three Books Are Getting Gorgeous New Covers! Check It Out!

Be Careful What You Search For...

Be Careful  What You Search For... Emma Guthrie Expects This Summer To Be Like Any Other In The South Carolina Low Country -- Hot And Steamy With Plenty Of Beach Time Alongside Her Best Friend And Secret Crush, Cooper Beaumont, And Emma's Ever Present Twin Brother, Jack. But Then A Mysterious Eighteenth-Century Message In A Bottle Surfaces, Revealing A Hidden Pirate Bounty. Lured By The Adventure, The Trio Discovers The Treasure And Unwittingly Unleashes An Ancient Gullah Curse That Attacks Jack With The Wicked Flesh-Eating Creep And Promises To Steal Copper's Soul On His Approaching Sixteenth Birthday. But When A Strange Girl Bent On Revenge Appears, Demon Dogs Become A Threat, And Jack Turns Into A Walking Skeleton; Emma Has No Choice But To Learn HooDoo Magic To Undo The Hex, All Before The Last Days Of Summer -- And Her Friends --- Are Lost Forever.

Worst. Summer. Ever.


Worst. Summer. Ever. Emma Guthrie Races To Learn The HooDoo Magic Need To Break The Beaumont Curse Before Her Marked Boyfriend Cooper's Sixteenth Birthday. But Deep In The South Carolina Low Country, Dark, Mysterious Forces Encroach, Conspiring To Separate Emma And Cooper Forever. When Cooper Starts To Change, Turning Cold And Indifferent, Emma Discovers That Both His Heart And His Body Are Marked For Possession By Competing But Equally Powerful Adversaries. Desperate To Save Him, Emma And Her Twin Brother, Jack, Risk Their Lives To Uncover The Source Of Black Magic That Has Allured Cooper And Holds Him In It's Grip. Faced With The Horror Of A Soul-Eating Boo Hag. Emma And Jack Must Fight To Resist It's Fiendish Power To Free Cooper Long Enough To Join Their Strengths And Face It Together, Before It Destroys Them All.

So Here's What You Have Been Waiting For Guys...


New School. Cross Country Move. Broken Heart. If Only These Were Emma Guthrie's Worst Problems As The First Day Of Her Sophomore Year Dawns. Instead, She Must Battle A Trio Of Enemies - Human And Spectral - Who May Or May Not Have Joined Forces Against Her. All While Pretending To Be Over Cooper Beaumont, Her Ex-Boyfriend And True Love, To Shield Him From Her Arch-Nemesis's Revenge. Worse, When The Fight Escalates, Emma Is Tempted To Use The Black Magic She's Always Fought Against, Endangering Her Own Soul. As Her Enemies Close In, Join Forces And Fight With New And Dark Magic She's Never Seen Before, Emma Must Finally Harness The Power Within Her To Fulfill An Ancient Prophecy, Defeat A Centuries-Old Evil, Save Her Family, And Reclaim The Only Boy She's Ever Loved...

Things Aren't Always As They Appear...

If You Want To Pre-Order Illusion Or Order The Other Books Because You Haven't Read Them Yet, Then The Links Are Below. All The Links Are For The Kindle Version Of The Book, But The Book Format Can Be Changed.

Conjure: Amazon / Amazon
                 (U.S)        (UK)

Allure: Amazon / Amazon
              (U.S)        (UK)

Illusion: Amazon / Amazon
                (U.S)        (UK)

I Hope You Enjoyed This Post, There Will Be A Few Other Post Around This New Book, Such As A Sneak Peek. Hope Your Looking Forward To This.

- Trixellie. x

Thursday, 10 September 2015

Books I Want To Buy.

Hey Guys, I Will Hopefully Be Doing A Book Haul In The Near Future. So I Though I Would Tell You All The Books I Want To Buy, Some Of These Books Will Be In The Haul.

Everything, Everything By Nicola Yoon - Madeline Whittier Is Allergic To The Outside World. So Allergic, In Fact, That She Has Never Left The House In All Of Her Seventeen Years. But When Olly Moves In Next Door, And Wants To Talk To Maddie, Tiny Holes Start To Appear In The Protective Bubble Her Mother Has Built Around Her. Olly Writes His IM Address On A Piece Of Paper, Shows It At Her Window, And Suddenly, A Door Opens. But Does Maddie Dare To Step Outside Her Comfort Zone?

The Potion Diaries By Amy Alward - When The Princess Of Nova Accidentally Poisons Herself With A Love Potion Meant For Her Crush, She Falls Crown Over Heels In Love With Her Own Reflection. Oops. A Nationwide Hunt Is Called To Fine The Cure, With Competitors Travelling The World For The Rarest Ingredients, Deep In Magical Forests And Frozen Tundras, Facing Death At Every Turn.

The Secrets We Keep By Trisha Leaver - Ella And Maddy Lawton Are Identical Twins. Ella Has Spent Her High School Years Living In Popular Maddy's Shadows, But She Has Never Been Envious Of Maddy. In Fact, She's Chosen The Quiet, Safe Confines Of Her Sketchbook Over The Constant Battle For Attention That Has Defined Maddy's World.

Off The Page By Jodi Picoult - Sixteen Year Old Delilah Is Finally United With Oliver, A Prince Literally Taken From The Pages Of A Fairy Tale. There Are, However, Complications Now That Oliver Has Been Able To Enter The Real World. To Exist In Delilah's World , Oliver Must Take The Place Of A Regular Boy. Enter Edgar, Who Agrees To Take Oliver's Role In Delilah's Favourite Bool.

Finding Audrey By Sophie Kinsella - An Anxiety Disorder Disrupts Fourteen Year Old Audrey's Daily Life. She Has Been Making Slow But Steady Progress With Dr. Sarah, But When Audrey Meets Linus, Her Brother's Gaming Teammate, She Is Energized. She Connects With Him. Audrey Can Talk Through Her Fears With Linus In A Way She's Never Been Able To Do With Anyone Before. As Their Friendship Deepens And Her Recovery Gains Momentum, A Sweet Romantic Connection Develops, One That Helps Not Just Audrey But Also Her Entire Family.

The Accident Season By Moira Fowley Doyle - Every October Cara And Her Family Become Inexplicably Accident Prone. Some Years It's Bad, Like The Season When Her Father Died, And Some Years It's Just A Lot Of Cuts And Scrapes. They Know What They Need To Do, Stock Up On Bandages And Painkillers, Cover Sharp Table Edges With Padding, Banish Knives To Locked Drawers, Switch Off Electrical Items. They Buckle Up, They Batten Down.

These Are Not All The Books I Want To Buy But That Would Make This Blog Post Like A Million Pages Long. Hope You Enjoyed!

- Trixellie. x

Saturday, 5 September 2015

All The Bright Places Book Review

Every Once In A While A Story Comes Along That Feels Like It Was Written For You. Like You Were Just Meant To Read It. One That Knocks You On Your Ass. As Dramatic Or Cheesy As It Sounds, A Book That Touches You On A Very Deep Level. All The Bright Places Is One Of Those Books.

All The Bright Places Is A Heart-Breaking Novel About Life And Death, The Bitterness Of Losses And Ability To Gain Strength From People You Love, About Enjoying All The Precious Moments Of Life, Even When It Seems That Nothing Can Bring You Happiness. It Will Warm Your Soul, Then Tear It Apart And Settle In The Brightest Place Of Your Heart.

The Story Is Told From Multiple Points Of Views: Finch's And Violet's - Two Teenagers Who Need Help To Survive In This World. The Book Hooks You From The First Chapter; Finch Climbs To The Bell Tower And Considers Jumping From It. We Don't Know Why Exactly, But It Is Evident That Something Isn't Right With Him; Racing Thoughts, Chaotic Speech, Weird Behaviour. He Says That He Must Remain Awake, Because Sometimes He Passes Out For Months -- But Why? The Main Theme Of This Book Is To Find A Way To Enjoy Life Even In The Dark Times, When It Seems That There Is No Point In Your Existence And It Would Be Much Easier To Give Up. I Think The Author Perfectly Coped With The Task; This Story Will Not Leave Anyone In Different. I Was Bombarded With Strong Emotions. I Am Not A Sentimental Person, But This Book Just Tore Me To Pieces. For Me, This Is The Best Book Of The Year. Read It Guys, You Won't Regret It.

- Trixellie. x

Friday, 4 September 2015

Eleanor & Park Book Review

Through Out The Six Week Holidays, I Read Eleanor & Park By Rainbow Rowell.

This Book Was Amazing, Heart Warming And Heart Breaking All At The Same Time. I Wasn't Expecting To Care About The Characters And Their Relationship As Much As I Did But I Was Completely Caught Up In The Story. It's Told In 3rd Person And Past Tense, Which I Sometimes Have Trouble Connecting With, But Not In This Case. I Feel Like I Really Know Eleanor And Park, And I Love Them Both Separately But I Especially Love Them Together. It Seemed Like Their Relationship Shouldn't Work, But It Does, Really Well. I Was Grinning Like An Idiot While Reading This Because I Was Just So Giddy Over Their Budding Romance. I Could Feel How Much They Cared For Each Other Like It Was Oozing Off The Page.

Overall, I Loved This Book -- The Characters, The Romance, The Writing And Just The Way Everything Unfolded So Beautifully And It Felt So Real. One Of The Best Contemporary Novels, I've Read In A While. Definitely Recommended!

Hope You Enjoyed This Blog Post And If You Ever Happen To Be Near Or In A Book Store, I Would Definitely Recommend Picking Up A Copy Of This Book.

- Trixellie. x

Thursday, 27 August 2015

Best Friends.

Hey Guys, Today I Wanted To Talk About Best Friends And How Much They Might Mean To You. I Really Miss My Best Friends, We Haven't Really Spoke In A While And I Just Them Both To Know This...

We Have Been Friends For Nearly 5 Years. I Just Want You To Know How Important You Are To Me. I Know I Haven't Said That Before, I Thought I Would Make My Point Clear. I Can't Stress It Enough That You Really Are My Best Friends. You Both Have A Heart Of Gold And A Personality That Should Be Cherished. You Have Such An Amazing Effect On Me And My Life Daily. You Make Me Laugh When All I Want To Do Is Cry. You, Are My Best Friend. You're Like My Brother In A Way. I Have Lost Friends Before But I Hope That You Aren't Going To Be One Of Them.

I'm Glad We've Finally Figured Out Because I Don't Think I Could Make It Through The Rest Of Secondary School Without You. Best Of Luck In All That You Do, And Remember That I Am Always Here For You No Matter What.

- Trixellie. x

Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Tanya Burr's Book - Love Tanya

I Don't Usually Go For Autobiography Type Books However, I Am A Big Fan Of YouTubers. It Was Written Marvellously And I Felt Like I Was Really Connecting With Tanya In A Way. She Is One Of The Most Positive People I Have Ever Watched And Read About And That Was Portrayed Really Well In This Book. My Favourite Chapters Were Baking & Recipes, Skin Care Essentials & YouTube. This Book Has Helped Me, Gave Me Tips And I Must Say... I Shed A Tear! And Nothing Sad Was Even Mentioned. While I Was Reading This Book, I Couldn't Stop Reading It. I Literally Had To Restrain Myself From Reading It, I Didn't Want The Book To End. I Recommend This Book To People Who Are Fans Of Tanya, This Book Goes In Depth Of  Tanya's Life Before And After YouTube. I Really Take Care Of My Books, So I Don't Really Want To Write In It. So I Thought That I Would Answer The Questions And/Or Write The Lists As Blog Posts Instead.

Hope You Enjoyed This Blog Post And I Also Hope To Be Blogging More In The Summer Holidays. I Might Be Going To Rhodes, Greece In The Week We Have Off School In October.

- Trixellie. x

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Books I Have But Still Need To Read

Geek Girl: All That Glitters by Holly Smale

Harriet Manners Knows Many Things:

- Toilet Roll Was Invented By The Chinese In 600 AD.
- A Comet's Tail Always Points Away From The Sun.
- The Average Healthy Heart Beats 70 Times Per Minute. Even When It's Broken.

But She Knows Nothing About Making New Friends At Sixth Form. Or Why Even Her Old Friends Seem To Be Avoiding Her. And She Knows Even Less About Being A Glittering Supermodel Success. Which She Now Is - Apparently.

Has Harriet's Time To Shine Like A Star Finally Arrived, Or Is She About To Crash And Burn?

We Are All Completely Beside Ourselves by Karen Joy Fowler

What If You Grew Up To Realise That You Father Had Used You Childhood As An Experiment?

Rosemary Doesn't Talk Very Much, And About Certain Things She's  Silent. She Had A Sister, Fern, Her Whirlwind Other Half, Who Vanished From Her Life In Circumstances She Wishes She Could Forget. And It's Been Ten Years Since She Last Saw Her Beloved Brother, Lowell.

Now At College, Rosemary Starts To See She Can't Go Forward Without Going Back, Back To The Time When, Aged Five, She Was Sent Away From Home To Her Grandparents And Returned To Find Fern Gone.

When God Was A Rabbit by Sarah Winman

This Book Is About A Brother And Sister.

It's A Book About Childhood And Growing Up, Friendships And Families, Triumph And Tragedy And Everything In Between.

More Than Anything, It's A Book About Love In All It's Forms.

I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson

Jude And Her Twin, Noah Are Close Until A Tragedy Drives Them Apart. Now They Are Barley Speaking - And Both Falling For Boys They Can't Have. Love's Complicated.

- Trixellie. x